May I bring my children into your store with me?

Yes you may, but if they are under the age of 18 they must be under your supervision at all times

What is Illinois’ waiting period for purchasing a firearm?

72 hours for a handgun, 24 hours for a long gun
Does JR’s do transfers?
No, we do not. But, we would be happy to order in anything we do not have that you may be looking for.
Does JR's buy used guns?
Yes, we charge $5 per gun for an appraisal and will provide current market value of the firearm along with our offer. If you decide to sell, you are refunded your $5. Fee is waived on guns purchased previously at JR's.
Does JR’s have a gunsmith on staff?
Yes we do, with 30 years of experience. Please check out our gunsmithing page for more details about his work.
If I need to send my gun back to the manufacturer for some warranty work, can JR’s help me?
Yes we can, pricing varies on the type of gun, how much it is worth, and whether or not you bought it here. Please contact us for more accurate pricing.
Does JR’s sell the proper cases/locks I need to take my gun on an airplane?
We do, first we would say check with your airline for the proper guidelines but we do have plenty of TSA approved cases and locks in stock.
Does JR’s deliver the safes?
We do not, but we will put it into your truck for you.


If I have a FOID card can I bring a guest who does not have one?

Yes you can, you both must be at least 18 for long guns, & 21 for handguns
What are the range hours?
The range is open the same hours as the store, it just closes 15 minutes early for clean up
What are the restrictions for ammunition on the range?
Pistols, it just has to be American made.
Rifles, it has to be American made soft point or hollow point bullets.
Shotguns, it has to be American made all lead no steel shot aka buckshot, birdshot, or slugs are acceptable.
If I am from another state or country, may I shoot in the range?
Yes you can, just bring an I.D. with you & you can buy ammunition from us but you must use it all in the range, you cannot take any of it with you.
May I bring my child to the range?

Yes, 1 parent/grandparent can bring in 1 child at a time as young as 10 years old.

If you don’t see your question answered here, please check out our other pages, including the contact page to send us a message, give us a call, or just stop on by we all would be happy to help you!